Pastor and author R. A. Torrey understood the urgency of sharing Christ with children. "The fact is,” he wrote, "that with very many, if they are not converted in childhood, they will not be converted at all.” The 20,000+ elementary school-aged children in the city of Paterson need to hear the message of salvation and they need to hear it NOW when they are making choices about the direction they will take for the rest of their lives.

FOR 19 YEARS, the Lord has opened the door for outreach to the children in the Paterson Parks through 5-Day Club® ministry.  Over the years, thousands of boys and girls have heard that God loves them, that Jesus died and rose again so their sin could be forgiven and that He wants them to be part of his forever family . . . and hundreds have put their faith in the Lord Jesus as Savior.

Last summer, one young boy responded to the invitation to put his faith in Christ. We give the kids lot of opportunities to move around and actively engage in the lesson, but even so, he’d had a hard time sitting through parts of club. While some volunteers counsel children who respond to the invitation, others lead a song or review game.  Midway through their counseling time, one young boy told Yudelki, “I’m surprised I stayed this long.” She told him God wanted him to listen to the whole message. He did and trusted Jesus as His Savior.

This summer YOU have the opportunity to take the Gospel to children who desperately need to learn that Jesus brings hope and life.

Last summer, 419 children attended at least one day of club and heard a clear presentation of the message of salvation. 25 of these kids were counseled for a first-time profession of faith. We are praying that the Lord will allow us to reach even more boys and girls this summer . . . but we need your help!

This month, $2,500 is needed to purchase teaching materials, follow-up materials, game supplies and incentives. Your donation right now will make it possible for us to cover these costs. Would you consider a generous gift to make an eternal difference in a child’s life?